AP e challan | Andhra Pradesh Traffic Police e-challan

AP e challan : You can now make e challan available through the official website of the Andhra Pradesh State Publicity Invoice Online Office. The official website of AP e challan is https://apechallan.org/. You can pay your Andhra Pradesh Traffic Police e-challan online through this website apechallan.org. Today we will try to explain to you how to pay your AP e challan online and how you can check your pending AP e challan through this official website. You can also pay online through your AP e challan net banking, debit card and other payment systems through that official website.

Challans are usually issued if you violate any type of traffic. Because after that no traffic rules should be violated. For that, vehicle number, details of violation, name of the person and fine are taken. Recently, the state government of Andhra Pradesh has issued a rule to reduce the incidence of road violations in the city of that state, and those who violate those rules will have to pay fines. That is why the Andhra Pradesh state government has launched this new set If any Andhra Pradesh police finds a person violating the rules, that person will be issued this e-challan. That person must pay the fine and arrears within a certain period of time.


AP e challan | Penalties for recent traffic violations in AP

AP Government’s Principal Secretary Andhra Pradesh has imposed fines for violating traffic rules in the state. If you do not follow these rules, the AP Traffic Police will issue you an challan. Below is a list of them-


Violation Charges

If you drive a vehicle without a license plate Rs. 150 to Rs. 500/-
Who are the taxi drivers who use bad and do not wear uniforms Rs. 150/-
Those who drive without a driving license and drive without headlights and horns Rs. 150 to Rs. 750/-
Autorickshaws and light motor vehicles disobey police orders Rs. 750/-
Those who disobey the orders of the police will drive heavy vehicles Rs. 1,000/-


Violation of traffic which attracts AP e challan

Usually if you violate the following traffic rules, the penalty list or AP e-challan will attract the Andhra Pradesh Police –

  • If you do improper driving / rush driving
  • Lack of documents for your vehicle and driving license
  • If you do overspeeding
  • If you overtake
  • If your vehicle displays an inappropriate number plate
  • If you use improper lighting in your car
  • If you do not obey the traffic signal


1. How to Payment AP E Challan In Andhra Pradesh Police Online

AP Police e-challan :-This ap e challan pay online is becoming very popular in that state as well as in the whole of India. You can make your payment by going to the official website of this Andhra Pradesh e-challan and clicking on Payment and also you can make payment using Paytm. You can also make payments using the AP e-challan app. So, you can pay your payment online in AP e-challan in different ways. We have explained it below –

  • To pay Andhra Pradesh Police e-challan, you can click on this website: https://apechallan.org/
  • You enter your car number: APXX-AA-XXXX
  • You will then display the amount of your memo, then you will show there the violation of rules and regulations of Andhra Pradesh Police.
  • If you want, you can make online payment through debit card, credit card and net banking facility.


2. How to Payment AP E Challan Online Payment via Paytm

You can pay your AP e-challan online through Paytm. Below is how to cut e-challan on paytm.

You can make AP E Challan payment through your Paytm. To do this you just need to follow 4 steps:

  1. You go to the AP Transport Invoice page on your Paytm
  2. You enter your driving license number, RC number, or invoice number, and click ‘Continue.’
  3. You enter the amount of your invoice there and select the mode of payment.
  4. You will then complete your payment to pay the e-invoice arrears.

Then your payment is done


3. How to Payment Online Payment via AP E-Challan app

You can complete the payment through your AP Traffic e-challan app. You will download this app e-challan app. Then you can make payment. You can make a payment just by following these 4 steps. Below is how you pay –

  1. You will write your car number there
  2. Then type the captcha code there and click on ‘Search’
  3. You will write your e-invoice penalty there. It will be displayed on the end screen. If you have that.
  4. You can choose any payment mode there and complete the payment of your e-challan.

Then your payment is done


4. How to Payment AP E Challan Offline in AP

If you wish, you can pay the e-challan AP Police fine offline. For that you have to go to a local police station and cut your nearest AP. If you receive a physical copy or letter of a violation of the rules, you will confirm the matter after taking it to the nearest police station. You will inform the traffic inspector of the police station about your fines and arrears. You will then pay AP e-challan through any of your payments. Then your payment will be completed


How to Check Status Online

You will check the status of an e-challan which is very important. You need to know if your payment is complete. You also need to know if you have an e-invoice or a penalty issue. We have given the whole process in 4 steps below.

  1. You must first go online to check the status of your invoice. You need to go to this https://apechallan.org/ website of AP e-invoice.
  2. You will then be able to see your e-invoices and their status there. Write your car number there
  3. You enter the captcha code correctly there. You click the Confirm button and then you click the Search button again.
  4. Finally you will be redirected to a new page in front of the screen. On that page you will see the status of all your e-challan with all the details.


How can you check E-Challan status and traffic fines through your AP E-Challan app?

You can easily check the status of e-challan and you can check your AP traffic penalty using AP e-challan app. First you have to give full details of your vehicle like write your RC number there. You need to create a profile here. There you will receive notifications about any new e-challan issued to your car in real-time. You can search there to make sure your previous e-challan and fines were paid. If you have the AP e-challan app it will be convenient to track e-challan and fines and make it smooth. You will ensure that they are paid on time.


AP traffic rules and regulations that you need to keep in mind at all times

To stay away from your fines and e-challan, you need to follow these few traffic rules on the road. There is no penalty if you follow these traffic rules. Here are some tips to avoid these fines.

  • You must remember that you cannot talk on a mobile phone while driving
  • It is important to keep in mind that you should always drive with a helmet / seatbelt when you drive
  • Should not drive under the influence of alcohol or alcohol
  • You should not drive recklessly and avoid excessive speed
  • Always carry your license, motor insurance, and other registration documents with you whenever you drive.
  • Make sure your car is in good condition
  • Always drive or ride with a valid license. In addition, you must be over 18 years of age



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