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TS e Challan

The Telangana State Police Traffic Department has introduced an integrated e-Challan system to collect traffic invoices from owners of vehicles violating traffic rules under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 under the Telangana government. You pay this TS e-invoice online through their fines or penalties.TS e Challan (telangana state police challan) Telangana: The official website of Telangana State Police e Challan is Click Here. Telangana State Police (ts e challan) is now available online. Telangana State Police e-invoice official website to verify pending e-invoice imposed on one of your vehicle (s). You can pay the amount of e-challan online through net banking, debit card, and other payment systems. You can also visit the RTO office in Telangana. You can check all information of ts e challan check ststus .

The state of Telangana (TS e) has emerged as the eighth-worst state in India in terms of road safety. The severity of road accidents in the state of Telangana has increased to 2.7 today. points, meaning at least 2.7 for every 100 accidents in 2019. People have died. For the growing road safety violations in the state of Telangana and traffic management is a matter of great concern to the state traffic police. The Telangana government has enacted strict rules and hefty fines for traffic violators who will be issued Telangana Traffic TS e-invoices under the new law in 2019 if you violate any traffic rules.

Telangana Traffic Violation Penalties

Traffic Violation Fine Imposed:
Riding without a helmet R.s.1,000 and/or termination of driving license for three months
Driving without a seatbelt R.s.1,000
Talking on a mobile phone while driving R.s.1,000
If there is more than one pillion on two wheels R.s.1,000
Dangerous driving
First offense: R.s.1,000 to R.s.5,000 and/or six months to one year of imprisonment
Subsequent offences: R.s.10,000 and/or two years of imprisonment
Over-speed R.s.1,000 to R.s.2,000
Violating road rules R.s.500 to R.s.1,000
Jumping traffic signals R.s.1,000
If you do not carry a valid license R.s.5,000
If driving without registration R.s.5,000
If you drive drunk
First offence: R.s.10,000 and/or six months of imprisonment

Subsequent offences: R.s.15,000 and/or two years of imprisonment

If Driving in restricted areas R.s.20,000
In case of obstruction of emergency vehicles R.s.10,000 and/or six months of imprisonment
Not having third-party insurance
First offence: R.s. 2,000 and/or three months of imprisonment
Subsequent offences: R.s. 4,000 and/or three months of imprisonment

How to pay TS e Telangana e-challan

You can pay your e-invoice online or offline invoiced by Telangana Police
Pay online traffic e-invoice payment by Telangana Police:
You can pay the invoice by Telangana Police in three ways. Below –

Park + you use the official website and
transport website and
another way is to use the TS Police e-challan web portal.
First – you use the Park + website:
One of the easiest and fastest three steps to deliver traffic e-invoices in Telangana is using Park + website.
Enter your car number on the Park + website.
Now enter the One Time Password (OTP) sent to your registered mobile number.
You will then be able to access all the e-invoices issued by your Telangana Traffic Police. Now you will select your invoice and pay.


The second is using the transportation website:

You can pay your Telangana TS e-challan using Telangana e-challan website-transport from the Government of India official. You go to the Transport E-Invoice webpage from your phone or desktop.
Then enter your invoice number/vehicle number/driving license number.
Now you enter the captcha code there and select the ‘Get Details’ option.
You will select “TS e-Invoice Status” to get the details of your offence and the details of the fine paid.
Click on the Payment button to proceed.
If you have successfully completed the process, you will receive a confirmation with the transaction ID and save it.


TS e Challan

The third process is using the Telangana State Police e-challan web portal:
You go to the TS Police e-Invoice webpage.
And write the vehicle number and security code there. Then, click on the ‘Go’ button.
Now you select from the list of your e-invoices for which you have to pay.
Then select any payment gateway for your payment and make the payment.
TS e Challan

How to pay TS e Telangana e-challan Offline

You can submit your e-invoice issued by Telangana Traffic Police online as well as offline:

You will go to the nearest traffic police station with a copy of your Telangana State e-invoice.
Request the designated officer there to verify your current invoice arrears and pay cash there.

Telangana Traffic Police 12 point system

The Telangana government has introduced fines in the state of Telangana for dealing with traffic violations.

If a person exceeds 12 penalty points in two years, his driving license may be suspended for at least one year.
The Telangana government can then suspend/revoke the driving license for up to two years in case of repeated traffic violations by a single person.
And within two years if a person with a learner’s license with more than five penalty points is permanent then he cannot apply for the license.

Telangana Traffic Police Penalty Point System

Violation Points
If extra passengers are carried in the front seat 1
Without a helmet 1
Driving an uninsured vehicle 2
Carrying passengers in a freight car 2
If you drive in the wrong direction 2
Driving using cell phone/jumping signal/excess load projection/lane crossing (Zig-zag) 2
Over-speeding/Wrong route 2
Driving drunk (2-wheeler) 3
Driving drunk (4-wheeler)
Driving drunk (public vehicle) 5
Racing while driving 3
Causing pollution while driving/ parking endangering the safety of commuters (only on the highway)
IPC 279, 336, 337, 338 Cases 2
304 (A), 304 (II) Cases 5
Chain snatching while driving

TS e Challan

Telangana Traffic Police latest traffic violations and their penalties

A complete list of traffic violations is given on the website of the Traffic Police in Hyderabad, Telangana, along with their respective penalties. We have given a list of indicators below.

Document related offenses

Offenses Maximum Penalty (two, three, four, and six wheelers)
Driving without a license Rs. 500
Driving without registration Rs. 2000
Driving without permission Court or RTA
Driving without insurance Rs. 1000
If you drive less than the prescribed age Rs. 500


Offenses Maximum Penalty (two, three, four, and six wheelers)
Violation of No entry Rs.200
Violation of One way Rs.200
Violation of U-turn Rs.200
Offenses pertaining to Violation of prohibited area Rs.200
Violation of Rules duly promulgated Rs.200
To drive a vehicle dangerously posing a threat to the lives of other people Court
Vehicles are driven by people with mental and physical disabilities Rs.200
To run away after committing an accident Court
To drive and use an unsafe vehicle Court
Regarding wearing of a helmet Rs.200
Unauthorized interference regarding motor vehicle Rs.100
To allow/permit an unauthorized person to drive a vehicle Rs.1000
Wrong side Driving Rs.1100
Triple Riding on MotorCycle/ Bike Rs.1200


Offenses Maximum Penalty (two, three, four, and six wheelers)
Violation of stop line Rs. 200
Violation of lane Rs. 200


Offenses Maximum Penalty (two, three, four, and six wheelers)
Irregular Number plate Rs. 200


Offenses Maximum Penalty (two, three, four, and six wheelers)
Violation of Signal Jumping Rs. 1000
Violation of Non-Stopping on Police Signal Rs. 200


Offenses Maximum Penalty (any vehicle)
Using mobile while driving a vehicle Rs. 1000
Drive vehicle after consuming intoxicants/substances
(narco-drugs) etc Court
Over Speeding
Rs. 1400
Dangerous driving
to an accident Rs. 1000
Hyderabad Traffic Police

What are the basic rules of Telangana road safety?

Violation of road safety rules is a punishable offense in Telangana. You have some basic traffic rules in Telangana that all motorists must follow on the road:

Drive left: You will be on the left side of the road while driving. If there are no dividers or lanes, let the traffic pass safely to your right.

Overtake on the right side: You will always overtake on the right side after flashing your car indicator or blowing the horn. You should not overtake in a narrow alley as it may endanger the lives of others.

Respect traffic signals: You should not skip traffic signals, as this can give you a big penalty. Be extra patient if any pedestrian passes by.

Obey the ‘No Parking Signs’: Never park in the designated ‘No Parking Zone’. Also, do not park in a busy corner or in the middle of the road where your vehicle may obstruct other drivers and cause an accident or chaos for you.

Understand road signs and symbols: All drivers should understand and obey road signs and informational signs. Because these signs will prepare you for what lies ahead. These further indicate to you what you are allowed to do or what you are not allowed to do while driving in a lane.

Drive slowly in roundabouts and intersections: Always drive slowly when you approach a corner/intersection/roundabout and sound the horn to warn oncoming vehicles.

Carry relevant documents: As a car owner, you should always carry the following documents in the car-

For all vehicles: You must have a driving license, registration certificate, insurance certificate, and pollution control (PUC) certificate
For commercial vehicles: You must have a fitness certificate and tourist permit (for commercial vehicles).

Honking: Hang only when you need to, such as when you overtake, change lanes, or pass through a narrow lane. Never blow the horn in front of the end school and hospital.

Obey the speed limit: You will always obey the speed limit when driving in your city or on the highway.

Use of lights: You must use side indicator lights when changing lanes or when turning around. Also, use fog lights and emergency lights in your car during heavy rains or fog. This warns other motorists to maintain a safe distance while driving.

You should not talk on any mobile phone while driving: Never use any mobile phone while driving. In case of an emergency call, you will first park your car on the side of the road and then you use your mobile.

Never drink and never drive: You should never drink 30 mg per 100 ml of blood, the legal limit of blood alcohol level in Bengal while driving. Everything can lead to heavy fines, imprisonment, or a permanently suspended license.

Prioritize pedestrians: You should always let pedestrians cross the road first. But if you have a zebra crossing in front, slow down or stop your car. Make way for school-going children and senior citizens.

Other safety rules for two-wheelers in Telangana:

Always wear a helmet for safety: Ask both your driver and the Pelion rider to wear a safety helmet to protect them from serious head injuries. Wearing knee and elbow guards is also recommended if more safety.

Only one Pillion Rider: In Telangana, only one Pillion passenger are allowed to ride behind the driver in two-wheelers. Motorcyclists and scooter riders cannot carry more than one passenger with them.

Telangana Traffic Challan Status Online Check

You can check your TSE invoice status online on the Telangana Transport website. All you need to do to check the invoice status is –

To check the status of TS e police invoice, you first go to the transport website and give your Telangana vehicle invoice number, vehicle registration number or DL ​​number to check the status there.

If no TS Traffic e-invoice is issued against your vehicle, you will receive the ‘Invoice not found’ message again.

Telangana Traffic rules and regulations to remember
Whether you are driving in Telangana or any other state in India, make sure that you are very aware of the traffic rules. Below are some general rules and regulations that are standard for all Indians.

You drive with valid Telangana RTO-issued documents including your driving license, your vehicle registration certification, motor insurance etc.

You will carry a Controlled Pollution Control (PUC) certificate

Make sure you drive within the speed limit and in the designated lane.

You should not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Telangana Traffic Final Takeaway

The final takeaway
You need to enforce traffic safety rules to keep yourself safe from unfortunate road accidents. Moreover, people often ignore these rules so the traffic authorities have imposed hefty fines for violators. To avoid Telangana traffic invoices for any violations, please ensure that you strictly follow the traffic safety rules.

Telangana Traffic TS e Challan FAQ

Q.What will happen to me if I earn 12 traffic penalty points in two years in Telangana state?

Ans. If I exceed 12 traffic penalty points in two years, my driving license will be suspended for a minimum of one year.

Q. Is Telangana’s penalty point system valid for learner’s licenses as well?

Ans. Yes, of course, learners with more than five penalty points in two years cannot apply for a permanent driver’s license.

Q. Can I get an e-challan for riding without helmet in Telangana?

Ans. Yes. If you violate the traffic rules by driving without a helmet, the offender will be given an e-challan against you.


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