Floater saw higher flows among funds : top funds on 5-year returns

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Story published: August 27, Friday, 2021, 13:22 P.M


1. HDFC Floating Rate Fund-Direct Plan:

The fund invests primarily in bonds that maintain seeing changes in the rate of interest according to the prevailing rate of interest within the economy. In existence for the reason that 12 months 2013, the fund has provided a return of 8.34% and its benchmark is CRISIL liquid fund index. Assets of the fund as of July 31 is Rs. 20,211 crore. Expense ratio is 0.23%.

SIP within the fund will begin for Rs. 500 and in a span of 5 years, Rs. 10000 month-to-month SIP has grown in worth to Rs. 7.28 lakh.

Top investments of the fund embody floating charge debt devices, mounted charge devices, swapped for floating charge returns, and cash market devices.

2. ICICI Direct Plan Prudential Floating Interest Fund:

These funds present much less volatility in response to altering the rate of interest dynamics. Since its existence, the fund has yielded returns of over 8 p.c. The benchmark of the fund is Crisil Short Term Fund. Assets underneath the fund are over Rs. 12000 crore and the fund as per the mutual fund risk-o-meter carries a reasonable danger.

SIP within the fund will be initiated for Rs. 100 and in 5-years time month-to-month SIP of Rs. 10000 is now value Rs. 7.39 lakh.

The fund’s investments are deployed into GoI bonds, floating charge bond, NCDs, state improvement loans, zero-coupon bonds and so forth.

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3. Nippon India Direct Plan Floating Rate Fund:

The fund since its existence in 2013 has been offering 8.59% and is low to reasonable on danger. The fund asset dimension is Rs. 17,587 crores. The Benchmark of the fund is the CRISIL Short-time period bond Index. The expense ratio of the fund is 0.24% as of July 31, 2021.

SIP within the fund will be initiated with Rs. 100 and the fund’s portfolio contains investments throughout GOI, CD, Treasury Bill, NCD and Bonds, and Commercial Papers.

Top 3 floater funds on 5 year returns

Floater funds Rating 5-Year Annualised Return 5-Yr SIP Annualised return
HDFC Floating Rate Fund-Direct Plan CRISIL 3Star and Morning Star 5-Star 7.71% 7.71%
ICICI Prudential Floating Interest Fund – Direct Plan-Growth CRISIL 1 Star rated and 8.27% 8.3%
Nippon India Floating Rate fund -Direct Plan 3-Star CRISIL and 5-Star Morning Star 7.98% 8.31%


So, buyers who need to faucet on the prospects of rising rates of interest within the financial system can wager on these funds which as towards different debt funds profit from rising rates of interest. Nonetheless, right here the information is collated only for the aim of knowledge.


Story published: August 27, Friday, 2021, 13:22 P.M

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