The whole idea of http: // and https: //


Different Between http: // and https: //.

We all use the internet. But sometimes we get confused that the addresses of the websites we use are not in the same structure. Sometimes I get it at http: // and sometimes at https: // again. In this blog, we will explain the difference between http: // and https: //. I will also let you know which one is best for you.

Different Between http: // and https: //.

The difference between http: // and https: // is very simple. Once you understand this idea, you can strengthen your privacy and save a lot of money from hackers.


Full Details of HTTP: //

“HTTP” full form – Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is a rule by which we use the Internet and exchange information on the Internet. When you open a website and exchange information, it is possible through HTTP: //.

Problem: But the problem here is that this connection is completely open and the link that is being created is in plain text. In this case, the hacker can steal the entire data transfer data from the server of the website. At times like this when we are doing very simple things like watching articles, watching videos on YouTube or listening to music, there is no problem with HTTP. But in some private cases like logging in to a site or online banking, if you get your bank details, you may face big problems.

Full Details of HTTPS: //

“HTTPS” full form – Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. In the case of HTTPS, the connection that is made between the server and you is completely secure, and even if a third-party person steals your details bar data, they will not be able to see it. Because the exchange of information through HTTPS is completely encrypted.


Benefits of HTTPS: Nowadays you can see this HTTPS on all the major websites where you use your e-mail or bank details. For the past seven to eight years, Google and HTTPS:// have taken precedence over http://. If you have a website and you use HTTPS then improve your blogging ranking. Again, HTTPS is not required in the case of companies, in cases where you do very simple work, such as reading a blog, HTTP will work. but if you have HTTPS, you will maintain your privacy.

How to make your website from HTTP to HTTPS


If you are the owner of a website, you should also give priority to HTTPS over HTTP so that the privacy details of your visitors are maintained. To convert a website from HTTP to HTTPS, you need to install the SSL Certificate ISSL Certificate on the website and your website will be converted from HTTP to HTTPS.

The mark of HTTPS

If the website you searched for is HTTPS, its URL is preceded by a green lock. Google always prioritizes sites with HTTPS:// over its ranking HTTP://


Never give your bank details on HTTP site Always be careful before giving bank details, whether the website is connected to HTTPS because if you do not add HTTPS you may face a big loss.



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