Relience Jio Master Plan – 2TBps Internet Speed

The most important thing we need today is a fast internet connection. We have a lot of electronics products, but we need the internet to operate or run them. We all want a fast internet connection.

Today we will discuss Jio’s latest India Asia Express cable. With the connection you get 2 TBps speed.
You know that the internet we use depends on the cable under the sea. Suppose you visit a website that has a server in the United States, the information on that server is transmitted via a cable under the sea. These cables are the backbone of the entire Internet. These wires are spread all over the world. There are many times when the internet service is shut down when a wire is broken by the anchor of a ship.

How Airtel, Geo is constantly working on this technology to make the internet system easier. The current two major plans of Jio are India Europe Express and India Asia Express. And the maximum speed of this connection is 200 TBps.
Its length is sixteen thousand kilometers which when completed we will get very fast internet.This service will be completed by 2023 and the India-Europe Express will be completed by 2024.

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