Finance News : Need to buy 2 stocks from HDFC Securities for possible growth up to 29%

Oil India: Buy above 20%

HDFC Securities offers a ‘Buy’ score on Oil India’s inventory, Oil Head’s inventory, worth millions of rupees. 200, lying upwards of 20% from the final traded price. 166.35 per share.

Oil India’s final transaction price is Rs. 166.35
The target price is Rs. 200
Possible good points> 20%

The rationale for ‘buy’ in Scripps is suggested by the brokerage agency to be the next:

(1) increase the realization of unrefined value and

(2) Increase in realization of home petrol price (at USD 2.5 / mmbtu). We expect the value to expand to USD 59 / bbl on FY22E and $ 61 / bbl on FY23E versus Y 61 / bbl on FY23E, in terms of expected international financial returns.

Revenue and RPAT under Q1FY22 estimates; EBITDA is higher

Revenue was not in step with estimates and declined here where EBITDA was slightly larger due to the decline than expected unpaid collection but reduced the work bill. The PAT in the agency has been additionally reduced due to various earnings declines and good devaluation and curiosity.

Key names of additional brokerage lists Highlights:

The unique capex price range for F FY22 is Rs. 41bn and combined Capex Rs. 55bn.

Bagh FY24 aims to achieve 5mmscmd of petrol production from Baghjan area.

The RL NRL refinery increase will be 9mm tons to be filled by FY25. For growth, Capex has been revised to Rs. 280bn to Rs. 220bn.

By the end of June 21, the excellent t is Rs. 140bn, money and money equivalent plus investment Rs. 18bn.

HDFC Securities values ​​the unique enterprise of Oil India. 115 (6.0x Mar-23E EPS) and its investment is Rs. 85. Inventory is currently trading at 2.8x FY23E EPS


Indraprastha Gas: Buy for 29% profit

HDFC Securities has maintained its previous ‘buy’ score on Indraprastha Gas Scrip with a target price of Rs.00. 691, which means a potential upside of 29.12% from the final traded value at the end of August 13, 2021 to Rs. 535.15.

The final transaction price of Indraprastha Gas is Rs. 535.15
The target price is Rs. 691
Conversely 29.12%

Indraprastha gas has been argued for ‘purchase’

According to the brokerage agency, the corporate is seeing strong progress in Delhi / NCR by prolonging regulatory support as it re-promotes petrol in its semi-exclusive space. Also, ‘Buy’ is based on a portfolio of mature, semi-mature and new geographic regions (GA).

Q1FY22 is not so spectacular

Weight loss due to weak total sales volume, larger than expected petrol price in addition to work bill but higher than expected various earnings, has hurt the profits of each EBITDA and firm. Volume QoQ declined here as CNG and industrial / industrial demand noticed an impact as a result of the second wave of Kovid-1 second.

On volume estimates, HDFC Securities noted in its report that “we estimate CNG volume is 24% YoY on FY22E and 18% YoY on FY23E. Total volume is 21% YoY on FY22E and 17% YoY on FY23E”. “EBITDA per unit is expected to be revised by 6% YoY. Due to high gas consumption, FY22E will have 7.2 / scm. Subsequently, EBITDA will be RS per unit. 7.7 / SCM FY23E (+ 8% YoY). RS should be increased.17bn and 26% RY from YyY FY23E.

Based on the Discount Money Circulation (DCF) mode, the broker recommends a target price of Rs00. 691 (WACC 9%, Terminal Progress Cost 3.0%). Inventory is buying and selling at 22.3x FY23E PE.


The shares listed in the report are taken from the brokerage report of HDFC Securities and should not be considered as a financing recommendation. Extra in the equity report and extra caution is required before taking any name.

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