How to Vote #India – Complete Process of Voting in India

How to vote #India and What is the voting process at polling booth?

How to vote #India:- For a new voter does not know all the information can be a big problem. If you are a new voter, it is very important for you to know some information. In this case, the guidelines that new voters need to follow are discussed in this article –

Latest brings you a tutorial on how to cast a vote on EVM and then verify it on a VVPAT machine.

Identity Proof: (One of them)

# EPIC (Voter ID card)
# Passport
# Driving License
# Aadhaar Card

Complete Process of Voting in India:-

1. Once you enter the polling booth, show your ID or other ID to polling officer to verify your name in the voter’s list.

2. Then, the polling official will ink your finger and will send you to the EVM so that you cast your vote.

How To Vote #India

3. The machine operates on “Press a button” mode and there are no papers involved.

4. An EVM typically comprises of a “Control Unit” and a “Ballot Unit” which are connected by a 5-meter wire.

5. Beside every candidate’s name and party symbol on the machine, there’s a blue button.

6. The votere needs to press the blue button adjacent to the mame of the candidate of their choice and the respective party’s symbol. The machine then records the vote.

7. The Control Unit is placed with the Presiding Officer or a Polling Officer and the Balloting Unit is placed inside the voting compartment.

how to vote#India

8. Instead of issuing a ballot paper, the Polling Officer will release a ballot by pressing the Ballot Button on the Control Unit.

9. This will enable the voter to cast vote by pressing the blue button.

10. After the voter has pressed one button on the machine, it gets locked for any further vote.

11. Therefore, voters are advised to think hard before casting their vote.

12. If the voter presses after the first attempt, it will not be counted as a vote.

13. As soon as the voter presses the blue button, the lamp against the symbol of that paricular candidate glows red and a long sound is heard.

14. Thus, there is both audio and visual indications for the voter to be assured that their vote has been recorded correctly.

15. In addition, VVPATs provide an additional visual verification in the form of a paper slip to the voter so they can ensure that their vote has been correctly recorded
for the candidate of their choice.

16. When a vote is cast on an EVM, a slip is printed on the VVPAT machine containing the serial number, name and symbol of the candidate.

17. This slip remains exposed through a transparent window for 7 seconds for you to lool at and verify that your vote has gone to the candidate you voted for.

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