Fuel Prices On September 6: Petrol, Diesel Rates Unchanged After Price Cut

Oil marketing companies such as Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, and Hindustan Petroleum change the prices of petrol and diesel. The new price is effective every day at 6 am. Fuel prices vary by state and city due to value-added tax, local and freight charges and more.

On September 6, one day after the rate cut, fuel consumption in the country’s major cities remained stable. At present, the price of diesel in Delhi is Rs 88.62 per liter and petrol is Rs 101.19.

Fuel Prices On September 6: Petrol, Diesel Rates Unchanged After Price Cut

On September 5, the price of petrol in Delhi and Mumbai was reduced by 15 paise and 14 paise, respectively. After three days of price stability, the modification was made.

After holding fuel tariffs stable for seven days, oil marketing companies (OMCs) updated them on September 1. Petrol prices were reduced by 10-15 paise across metro cities, while diesel prices were reduced by 14-15 paise.

According to Indian Oil Corporation, the petrol pricing in Mumbai is Rs 107.26 per litre and the diesel rate is Rs 96.19 per litre (IOCL).

Fuel rates in Chennai are also unchanged, with petrol costing Rs 98.96 per litre and diesel costing Rs 93.26 per litre. In Kolkata, a litre of petrol costs Rs 101.62 and a litre of diesel costs Rs 91.71.


Diesel – Rs 88.62 per litre
Petrol – Rs 101.19 per litre


Diesel – Rs 96.19 per litre
Petrol – Rs 107.26 per litre


Diesel – Rs 93.38 per litre
Petrol – Rs 98.96 per litre


Diesel – Rs 97.43 per litre
Petrol – Rs 109.63 per litre


Diesel – Rs 96.69 per litre
Petrol – Rs 105.26 per litre


Diesel – Rs 94.04 per litre
Petrol – Rs 104.70 per litre


Diesel – Rs 88.05 per litre
Petrol – Rs 97.05 per litre


Diesel – Rs 89.02 per litre
Petrol – Rs 98.30 per litre


Diesel – 95.70 per litre
Petrol – Rs 98.26 per litre


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