Finance News : 2-3 Small Cap Stocks HDFC Securities bets for 23% profit in 1-3 months

1. JK Lakshmi Cement:

HDFC Securities has placed a bet of Rs 1 lakh on a diverse JK Group company. 760/810 in a quick period of 1-3 months. The list is claimed to be making bigger tops and better bottoms for the final few months. For a while, there was a consolidation in the inventory after which the inventory was damaged to the tune of Rs 100 crore. The above-normal volume again ranges Tuesday to 322–65. This uptrend augurs nicely to move forward. “Technical indicators are showing positive signals as the stock is trading above the 20- and 50-day SMAs. Daily momentum indicators like the 14-day RSI are back and are now on the rise. It is good for the trend to continue. The intermediate technical setup also looks positive, we believe. Let’s say the stock is likely to be higher in the coming weeks and therefore recommend a buy, ”says the brokerage report.

Stock Price on the time of advice Last traded value Target value Stop loss Potential Gains
JK Lakshmi Cement Rs. 708.9 697.05 760/810 660 9%/16%

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2. Sasken technology:

HDFC Securities is bullish for good points in quick time in this product engineering and digital transformation firm. According to HDFC Securities, the stock is expected to lose more on the day-to-day chart. The brokerage’s view is that the “short-term trend of the stock is positive where it is trading above its 5,20 and 50-day EMA” oscillators like RSI and MFI are showing strength in the current uptrend. Also, DI is trading above DDI and the ADX line is above 25 which indicates the momentum in the current uptrend. Considering the technical evidence mentioned above, we recommend SASKEN at CMP 1318.15 and general buying at 1220 for reverse targets of 1480 and 1600, saving stop-loss at 1180 “, the brokerage firm added in its report.

Stock Price on the time of advice Last traded value Target value Stop loss Potential Gains
Sasken Technologies Rs. 1318.15 Rs. 1298.8 1480/1600 1180 23%



The 2 shares listed above are taken from HDFC’s brokerage report for quick good points and readers should not consider this knowledge as a recommendation for money.

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